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Sound Activated Video Spy Pen Camera Camcorder



  • Pen Style Hidden Device: Easy to carry, fashionable design.
  • Sound-activation Function: Leave it sitting on a desk and it will secretly start recording when its audio sensors pick up any sound in the area.
  • Lots of Space: Pen has 8GB of internal memory and takes high resolution photos, videos and audio

      This spy pen is great for making covert recordings and fooling your friends. Buy one today!


  • Memory : 8GB
  • Synchronous : Video
  • Video Resolution : 1280*960
  • Photo Resolution : 1600*1200
  • Typical Microphone Range : 3m
  • File Format : MP4-AVI
  • Sensor : CMOS Motion Sensor
  • Power Source : Internal Rechargable Li-Battery
  • Construction : Plastic
  • Accessories : User Manual

Warning: Do not use this product for any illegal purpose, otherwise you may be subject to prosecutions under applicable laws. You should be aware that we are obliged to provide the information in connection with your purchase of this product to relevant administrative and judicial authorities at their request. 

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